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Our business welcomes newcomers and introduces them to what new movers want to know about: important services for them in the area, information about the community, churches and more.

Welcome to Lake Country

Welcome to Lake Country Greetings. I’m Mary Kay Sokop . My Business welcomes newcomers and introduces them to what new moves want to know about: important services for them in the area, information about the community, churches and more. We’ve lived in Oconomowoc for several years and also as a Chamber member, I’m anxious to share with you the wonderful experience of living here. I invite you to browse my website and to contact me by phone or email to schedule a welcoming visit.

Congratulations on your move to Lake Country!

Services Glance

Lake Country Greetings introduces newcomers to a wide variety of services, many that the movers can use right away.
As a sample, I bring introductions from these services:
– Medical Services
– Animal Care
– Home Services
– Auto Care
– Churches and Schools
– Restaurants
– and others – as many as 20 additional categories.

You will find all the services and businesses I bring to the home visit on the Partner Directory Page

Partner Directory

Why Lake Country Greetings

Newcomers like the person-to-person welcoming visit. It fits with how we live in Lake Country. My information is tailored to your particular needs, its current and valuable to you as a new mover.

Home Visits - How They Work

Lake Country Greetings makes Welcome Visits at your convenience, in your home: Weekdays and Weekends 10a – 4P

After hearing from you (see Request A Visit) I’ll get back to you to confirm a time.  The visit takes

about an hour.  I’ll  present all the businesses that want to extend a special welcome to you and meet your needs.  I verify and personally endorse every business presented.  Many businesses offer introductory discounts.  I also have local maps and church and community information and am  available for questions about your community after the home visit.

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Lake Country Greetings: About Us

We welcome newcomers to the following areas and everywhere in between: Oconomowoc, Oconomowoc Lake, Summit, Okauchee Lake, Ashippun, Ixonia, Mapleton, Concord, Ottawa, Dousman and Nashotah.

At Lake Country Greetings, we welcome newcomers to the greater Oconomowoc area. It’s fun and it’s free. We provide information that movers mostly need on arrival: maps of the area, information on important services, businesses, community events, and churches during home visits.

We know that moving can be fun, but also stressful. Our visit is friendly, welcoming and will help you arrival to Lake Country to be a pleasant experience.
Please fill out our contact form so Mary Kay can get back to you to schedule your welcoming visit.

Service Categories

Become An LCG Partner

At Lake Country Greetings we contact newcomers to the Greater Oconomowoc area and schedule home visits to introduce them to area businesses and services. These introductions are often the first information newcomers receive on services available and are presented as personal endorsements. We limit the number of businesses for a particular service. We provide our clients with a list of the newcomers visited each month for a fee based on the number of visits. If you feel your business would benefit from an early introduction to newcomers and would provide a discount or incentive to the newcomers for your business, our service may be beneficial to you. Businesses that make follow up contacts with newcomers stand to gain even more.

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