I’m Mary Kay Sokop . My Business welcomes newcomers and introduces them to what new movers want to know about: important services for them in the area, information about the community, churches and more. We’ve lived in Oconomowoc for several years...

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Lake Country Greetings introduces newcomers to a wide variety of services, many that the movers can use right away.
As a sample, I bring introductions from these services:
Medical Services, Animal Care, Home Services, Auto Care,
Churches and Schools, Restaurants, and others – as many as 20 additional categories.
You will find all the services and businesses I bring to the home visit on the Partner Directory Page

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Newcomers like the person-to-person welcoming visit. It fits with how we live in Lake Country. My information is tailored to your particular needs, its current and valuable to you as a new mover.

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Lake Country Greetings makes Welcome Visits at your convenience, in your home: Weekdays and Weekends 10a – 4P

After hearing from you (see Request A Visit) I’ll get back to you to confirm a time. The visit takes about an hour. I’ll present...

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Schedule a visit today to have Lake Country Greetings welcome you to your new community.

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My Welcome Partners have all expressed a special interest in introducing you to Lake Country. As a newcomer, many Welcome Partners come to you at an important moment since the services they offer could be just what you need as you settle in to your new home. The other businesses stand ready to serve you when you are ready for them.

Churches – Many newcomers are looking for information about Churches in the area. Lake Country’s many churches stand ready to welcome you. My presentation of churches is even-handed, balanced and most importantly based on your interests
Your Community – I bring maps of your local area, share local events, volunteer opportunities, recreation department schedules, historic sites and library and museum information

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